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Attendance Policies and Procedures


Students who need to leave campus unescorted during the school day are required to obtain an early-out permit slip. In order to receive an early-out slip, students must bring a signed note from a parent before school, nutrition, or lunch. Early-outs notes turned in after lunch will not be accepted. Parents will be called by the school staff to verify the signature. To ensure our students’ safety, we do not accept phone calls in lieu of notes.

Early-out notes must include the following:

1) Date

2) Student’s full name

3) Student ID number

4) Reason for leaving

5) Leave time

6) Parent/guardian’s name (printed and signed)

7) Parent contact number (must be listed on Parentvue)

Parents signing out their students, in person, should allow plenty of time as it may take up to 20 minutes to locate your student.


Students who arrive late to school will be marked tardy. Tardies are a permanent mark on the student’s attendance record, a note will not excuse a tardy.



Long Beach Unified School District sends home monthly truancy letters to parents of students at every school in the district to inform them when their students have been absent, late, or have left early from school without a valid excuse on three occasions of 30 minutes or more in a school day. If you receive a letter, please review it with your student. After reviewing the letter, if you believe it may be a school error, please follow the

Steps for clearing questionable absences. Please do not become alarmed unless your student has an excessive amount of absences. The main purpose of this letter is to keep you informed and make sure that your student is taking advantage of every day of education being offered.



School Messenger is an automated system that calls parents when a student has been marked absent. If you receive a call that your student was absent from school and you know they were present you should follow the above steps for disputed absences. However, if you are aware of your student’s absence, simply send a note with the student upon their return. There is no need to call the office.



When a student misses class for a school-related function their classroom teacher is required to mark them absent and a School Messenger call will go out that evening. Once the sponsoring teacher/coach submits a list of students to the attendance office, absences will be cleared within one week.

Click the links below for more information

Please complete this attendance form to clear absences 


  • Illness (doctor verification required after three consecutive days)
  • Medical or dental appointment (doctor verification required)
  • Funeral service for an immediate family member (limit one day within the state of California, three days out of state)
  • Religious reasons (4 days per month)


  • Unexcused absences including but not limited to:
  • Transportation
  • Out of town
  • Vacation
  • Family emergency
  • Illness/doctor appointment other than student’s
  • Dentist/doctor appointment without verification
  • Babysitting
  • DMV

Clearing absences: 

Only Excused absences can be cleared with a handwritten parent note:


  • Go to ParentVue to find dates/periods of absences
  • Discuss any questionable absences with your student
  • Have your student speak with their teacher about any questionable absences
    • If the teacher agrees that there was an error, the teacher will submit a correction form to the attendance office. This will allow the attendance clerks to remove the error.
    • If the teacher does not agree, the absence will remain.
  • After completing steps 1-3, if there are still discrepancies, contact the attendance office.